Each year, the Hispanic community within the New York Metropolitan and tri-state areas continues to grow and thrive as a lucrative market with tremendous spending power. Evidence of this can be seen by the fact more and more marketers have turned their attention to the Hispanic community in recent years. Research shows that since 1995, Hispanic Americans officially replaced blacks as the largest minority group in the United States.

Currently, the Spanish-speaking community is the nation's first largest minority group. Nationwide, Hispanic boast over 225 billion annually in spending power. In addition, studies show that the Hispanic community in the New York are purchase a disproportionately larger percentage of consumable goods than any other ethnic group.

This might well explain why marketers are spending 1,200 million a years to take their sales message to the Hispanic consumer. Another attractive feature of Hispanic Speaking consumers is brand loyalty.

Once they are sold on a particular products of service, they generally stick with it. Their strong sence of brand loyalty is reflected in their purchase of nationally -advertised products and service. Also noteworthy is the fact that Hispanic are very status and quality conscious.

Longterm image advertising has proven to be an effective and profitable way to cultivate and capture a larger marketshare of sales within the Hispanic community. Finally, experience has shown that Hispanic have strong ties with their cultural heritage and language.

Although most of the market has, to one extent or another, a knowledge of English, Hispanic will respond more readily to advertising presented in Spanish.



A) Agency commission: 15 per cent when newspaper has extended recognition.

B) Terms of payment:30 days from billing date, except for political advertising which must be paid in advance.


A) Publisher reserves the right to revise advertising rates at any time upon 30 days written notice and all orders and contracts are accepted subject to this reservation.

B) The subject matter, form, size, wording, illustrations and typography of all advertising is subject to the approval of the publisher.

C)Alcoholic beverage advertising accepted.

D)The right is reserved to Ben-Day or otherwise lighten heavy black display, solid backgrounds, borders reserve plates.

E) When publisher sets copy, charge will be for made for actual space occupied, even thought greater than maximum space specified in order.

F) Advertising set to simulate news matter must bear the word "Advertisement".

G) The published assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors in advertisements but, if at fault, will reprint that part of and advertisement in which such error occurred.

H) forwarding of an order is construed as an acceptance of all rates and conditions under which advertising space is at time sold by the publication. Failure to make order correspond in price, or otherwise, with the rate cards is regarded only as a clerical error and publication is made and charge for upon rates and terms of the rate card, without further notification.

I) materials not called for within 30 days after publication may be held only at advertiser' risk.

J) Any error should be notified not later than five.

5) Working days following insertion date. No make good of insertion date.